Hi Dennis.

Very nice job on the website and thanks for the Carolina Audiophile Society mention. By the way, I am still using the SixPacs with my Von Schweikert VR5s and clearly the speakers have never sounded better. Previous amps used include the Marantz 8B, and the Bel Canto eVo 2. In fact, I couldn't get over how much better the low end was with the tubed Sixpacs compared to the digital eVo 2. So much for the fallacy of how tube amps can't do bass right. Try listening to Bela Fleck's "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo". Pure rump rattling shoulder shaking music!

The SixPacs are hard to beat, at just about any price. I think you have outdone yourself and make no mistake, these amps are up to the challenge of the most discerning audiophile and not just for the entry level enthusiast.

As great as the 805Cs are, the SixPacs may well be the product by which you will be best remembered and most appreciated.

Kindest regards,
President and Founder
Carolina Audiophile Society

Wonderful site Dennis! Wets my appetite all over again!

Shows your sincere enthusiasm and enjoyment for the hobby, keep doing that (along with great products) and you will always have customers wanting more. Better start making a ton a SixPacs....I think you'll see cult status with this one!

Dan Hildreth
Mesa, Arizona

Hi Dennis,

You've outdone yourself again. In my 15 years of participation in this hobby, I've listened to well over 100 different amplifiers, both from personal purchases and from reviewing assignments for SoundStage! magazine. And out of those, I can probably count on one hand the number that have simply redefined what high-end audio, and more importantly, what music are all about. Your 300 SEI gets a vote, your 805's (in all their iterations) get another vote, and now the SixPacs get their own vote. While not as accomplished in the midrange as the 805's, at 1/5th the price, the SixPacs are in a class of their own. Anybody that wants the magic of tubes without having to mortgage the house must listen to the SixPacs -- they are marvelous, and are an absolute bargain. Yes, a bargain, as their cost/performance ratio so far off the scale that I can hardly think of appropriate words to even try to describe it. Way to have yet another winner!

Best Regards,
Bill Cowen
Muskogee, Oklahoma